efileConnect – Global AEOI tax reporting

Solution for secure Cloud Based Electronic AEOI Tax Reporting & Management.


efileConnect is a cloud based secure end-to-end AEOI Process Management & Electronic Filing Solution. Managing the global requirements of both US FATCA and OECD CRS, as well as being capable of any form of electronic filing.

It is extremely scalable; equally suitable for an entire remit of organisation sizes. For example, its multi-tenant hosted architecture can provide a very cost-effective single user solution. Similarly, the same technology can provide a state of the art internally hosted white label solution configured to reflect an organisation’s own unique branding and corporate identity. Scalable to a practically unlimited number of internal and external users.

A hybrid solution provides not only a secure online solution internally, but also to clients or outsourcing partners as a cost effective yet potentially significant value adding and highly differentiating service.

AEOI Filing management – Video Presentation

Key features

Data uploading

Promoting efficiency, accuracy and simplicity, efileConnect provides a comprehensive range powerful integration options.

  • Seamless ViewPoint Integration

  • Third Party Solution Integration

  • Microsoft Excel Worksheet Imports

  • White Label PDF Form Template Imports


Management & control

To provide useful, intuitive and easy to use Management Information, efileConnect offers 3 highly configurable Dashboards.  Each dashboard is pragmatically complemented with its own dynamic data-grid to detail the specific information that makes up the dashboard view.

  • Progress Charts

  • Calendar View

  • Interactive Global activity map

End-to-end processing

Each submission has its own 5 step workflow to provide a complete end-to-end management of data and filings.

  • Onboarding

    Flexible data onboarding

  • Validation

    3 Stage Rule Based Data Validation

  • Approval

    Hierarchical Approval

  • Submission

    International schema generation

  • Archiving

    Complete governance

  • onboarding-icon
  • validation-icon
  • approval-icon
  • submission-icon
  • archiving-icon


There are a variety of delivery combinations that can be implemented to match the needs of each efileConnect using organisation.

  • Hosted & Non-Hosted Platform
  • Single Tenant & Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Secure Encrypted Access: Internal Users, Intermediaries & / or Clients
  • Own Corporate Identity / Brand Options

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efileConnect – Global AEOI tax reporting