Viewpoint – Entity management solution

We are proud to be partner with ViewPoint, the worldwide leading entity management solution.

Viewpoint is an entity management solution

We are successfully providing entity and wealth management solutions for more than 20 years in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We are proud to be partner with ViewPoint, the worldwide leading entity management solution.

Private Banks, Family offices, public companies, private equity structures, company secretarial services companies, trust management service companies, law offices, legal practices and fiduciaries are optimizing their processes and adding value using our software and advice.

Our solutions and services cover the full entity management lifecycle.

Key features

Entity management


Compliance and reviews

Workflows, end-to-end automation

Document generation and management

Digital service delivery

Filings and meetings

Dashboards and data intelligence


Risk management

Time and billing


When you choose ViewPoint you are buying into more than sophisticated business software.


We’re focused on the Entity and Wealth Management. As a result our support and servicing teams are very specialised and focused to ensure that they are aware of our clients’ needs in order to provide the highest possible level of services.

Whether large or small, the VIP presents a structured approach to client implementation that helps make the process as straightforward and stress free as possible, and our trained and experienced team is available to help with as much or as little as you like. Broken into 5 stages our VIP approach is simple:

  1. Initiation
  2. Discovery
  3. Preparation
  4. Implementation
  5. Post-implementation

ViewPoint’s consultancy services give you access to advice and guidance from highly trained professionals with excellent knowledge of our products and our clients’ businesses. It includes:

  • Installation
  • Data conversions
  • Solution optimisation and customisation
  • Product interfaces
  • Training
  • Q&A sessions

All the ViewPoint solutions are easy to use. That said effective user training is essential for two core reasons:

  • Ensure that your users are aware of and know how to use the features within ViewPoint to optimise the system benefit for your organisation.
  • Ensure that users are using ViewPoint correctly so that you know you can rely on the information and documents from ViewPoint.

Data conversions and migrations can make the implementation of a new solution such as ViewPoint significantly easier, more efficient and reduce a number of implementation risks. We adopt a standardised iterative approach to our conversion and migration processes – it’s simple:

  • Feasibility Study to assess and determine the potential scope of the conversion.
  • Independent Development of conversion application by ViewPoint so as to minimise user down time.
  • Testing in conjunction with users to ensure conversion is accurate and complete.
  • Iterative Development and Testing to tweak the conversion application.
  • User Acceptance based on benefit to be achieved by additional iterative development.

We believe that providing effective, timely and value for money support to our clients is crucial in enabling us to partner with them so that they can both rely on and fully utilise the ViewPoint. All ViewPoint software licences include an annual support package, incorporating:

  • Telephone technical assistance
  • Email technical assistance
  • Remote desktop assistance
  • Interactive ressources
  • Program updates

ViewPoint has a long and proven history of continually enhancing our solutions to ensure that they remain relevant and beneficial in meeting the changing needs of our clients. Our solutions are regularly technologically updated to ensure ongoing interoperability with other core business systems such as Microsoft Windows and Office. In addition to the ongoing development we also offer our clients the following development services to help them with any non-standard or specific needs they may have. What we do:

  • Application/Interface Development
  • Report and Output Development

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